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What Can A Certified Hand Therapist Do For You?

Do you feel discomfort or pain in your elbow or shoulder? Are you suffering from any upper extremity injuries? What’s more, are you seeing a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) ?

⭐ Who is a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) ?

Certified Hand Therapists are licensed or registered occupational therapists (OT) or physical therapists (PT), who specialized in rehabilitation for people with upper limb strain or injuries.

In order to become a CHT, the therapist must practice as an OT or PT for more than 3 years, and accumulate at least 4000 hours of clinical experience in hand and upper extremity therapy.

What’s more, after obtaining all these experience, the therapist must pass the certification exam (held twice a year by Hand Therapy Certification Commission) to receive the CHT credential.

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⭐ Who Should See a CHT ?

Hand therapists do not just see “hand injuries” only, we are specialized in treating shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger dysfunction (such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, wrist fracture and thumb arthritis).

In other words, any individual who is suffering conditions affecting their upper extremity should see a certified hand therapist!

CHT also works closely with other medical providers (such as hand surgeons, orthopedic physician or family doctors) to ensure a better outcome after injuries.


⭐ What Therapeutic Interventions Are Provided by CHT ?

Certified hand therapists receive extensive education in upper extremity rehabilitation, the therapeutic interventions include but not limited to:

* Custom Orthosis Fabrication: We use thermoplastic materials (orthosis) to mold it on your affected joints, which helps to keep them in an appropriate alignment, also protect and support the injured tissue; or to prevent overusing of the inflammed tendon.

* Scar Managament : We utilize deep friction massage, pressure therapy and stretching exercises to prevent scar contracture or joint deformity.

* Therapeutic Exercises: We show you various therapeutic exercises to facilitate circulation (help decreasing the swelling), promote range of motion and muscle strength.

* Functional Activities 

* Manual Therapy (such as joint mobilizationsoft tissue mobilization and deep tissue mobilization)

* Modalities (such as heat therapy and electrical stimulation)


⭐ Where Can I Find a CHT ?certified hand therapist

You can visit American Society of Hand Therapist or Hand Therapy Certification Commission to locate a CHT nearby you!


* Just remember, Certified Hand Therapists are the experts of upper extremity rehabilitation. Whenever you are having a related injuries or concerns, always feel free to have your doctors refer you to a CHT! 


Andrew Tan, OTR/L, CHT, CKTP, CEAS
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